Corporate Wellness

More than two-thirds of U.S. employers now offer a general wellness program, according to a 2015 report for the Society of Human Resource Management. Why? Companies have realized implementing a wellness program not only helps increase well-being and boost self-esteem among individual employees, but also positively affects their organizations’ bottom lines.

needs. Some of our corporate clients have engaged us to create and operate corporate fitness contests, including using body scans and measurements to establish baseline and interval metrics. For other businesses, we simply offer convenient, regular classes – ranging from high-intensity interval training (HIIT), to weight-lifting, to Zumba, to yoga – in their gyms or conference areas. Body Paradox has even been internally marketed as an extra employee benefit, allowing employees to schedule small group or one-on-one trainings within established parameters.

The point is we can customize a program that meets your company’s particular needs so that your business can begin benefitting from:

  • Lowering health care and disability costs
  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Reducing employee stress and absenteeism
  • Decreasing rates of illness and injuries
  • Boosting corporate image
  • Improving employee mental clarity and morale
  • Enhancing employee recruitment and retention

Personal/Group Training

The Body Paradox team has a wide variety of certified trainers equipped to provide one-on-one or group training. Whether you need us to travel to your home or office, or conduct group trainings in a park or corporate gym, we have the flexibility and equipment to accommodate your needs. We often use high-intensity interval training (HIIT), as it tends to improve cardio fitness, improve strength, and reshape the body the most quickly, but have many other formats and techniques we can offer if you prefer.

One-on-one training is designed around your schedule, fully customized, and can include a full nutrition plan if desired. Your trainer will begin by listening – taking the time to learn what inspires you, discuss any limitations you may have, and set realistic short and long-term fitness goals. He or she will also take baseline and interval measurements to ensure you are progressing toward those goals.

Although group training must be a bit less customized by nature, Body Paradox is committed to variety – with no two workouts being alike. We also will show different variations of exercises, so that if you have different abilities or limitations than someone else in the group, you can easily adapt. At Body Paradox, you can rest assured that group training still has plenty of places where we can offer personal attention.


High-intensity interval training is a form of exercise that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity. Picture doing two minutes of jumping lunges, followed by one minute of plank walk-outs, followed by one minute of push-ups, repeated for three sets.

This style of exercise became popular around the 1990s and changed the format of workouts and the body shapes of those who use it dramatically. It’s simply a great way to burn fat and build muscle in a shorter amount of time. Not only do these workouts take an average of 20 minutes or less, but you can practically do them anywhere with little to no equipment.

Body Paradox’s certified instructors know the perfect combination of exercises to focus on your trouble areas. We’re also committed to keeping you engaged in your fitness program long-term by ensuring no two work-outs are alike.

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Sports Conditioning

Whether you’re training for a marathon, feel at home on a soccer field, or want to get the most out of every tennis match, Body Paradox’s certified instructors are here to help you get your game on. We have the expertise and equipment to help athletes of every level and age improve balance, strength, agility and speed.

In fact, Body Paradox’s founder and owner, Nemiah Rutledge, spent time designing and implementing training programs for several Jacksonville Jaguar players. He also recently trained for and placed in Southern Cross Naturals Florida Championship, one of the oldest natural competitive body building shows in Central Florida.

At Body Paradox, we’ll work with you to assess your strengths and weaknesses, set short- and long-term goals, and develop a program designed to get results. We are happy to train athletes one-on-one or in small, same-sport groups.


At more than 5,000 years old, yoga is likely the most enduring form of exercise. That’s likely because it offers such a wide variety of benefits, ranging from burning calories and strengthening muscles, to increasing blood flow and improving bone health, to deepening sleep and enhancing inner peace.

Body Paradox’s certified yoga instructors are experienced in practicing several different forms of yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, and Bikram (hot yoga). We are happy to travel to you with this service, offering private instruction, group and corporate classes.


Zumba is a form of aerobic dance-fitness that is now practiced in 180 countries throughout the world. With its use of energetic music and hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo dance choreography, you almost can’t help but have fun while you’re burning calories. And, according to Harvard Health Publications, the calories you burn can fall between 360 and 532 calories for every full  hour of fast dancing.

Body Paradox’s certified instructors are happy to bring Zumba to your recreation center or office, offering group and corporate classes.

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Silver Sneakers

Body Paradox’s founder and owner, Nemiah Rutledge, has taken special pride in helping senior citizens through the Silver Sneakers programs for years. That’s because he and the entire Body Paradox team believes good fitness is necessary and achievable for people of every age. We get background health information from each Silver Sneakers group so we can customize an exercise program to meet everyone’s varied needs. Our certified instructors also frequently demonstrate exercise adaptations to accommodate personal limitations. We’re also happy to offer help with nutrition plans when needed.

Our Silver Sneaker programs have enjoyed an exceptionally loyal following, with most members staying very engaged – making it to 85 percent of six-week classes. Our participants have not only lost weight, enhanced endurance, and improved flexibility, but many have even reduced their medications. We’ve also noticed a definite increase in smiles and laughter.


Dieting has become a dirty word – and it should be. There are just too many low carb, juicing, and HGH trends out there to keep track of. At Body Paradox, we’ve found that eating the right combinations of good, wholesome natural food in reasonable portions is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. There are no fast, easy solutions, but we have learned a few tricks along the way to naturally curb appetite, eliminate water weight and combat cravings.

Yes, there are a lot fruit and vegetables involved – but we’re also realistic people, so there are some healthy cheats included and even ways to rebound from some not-so-healthy cheats if you do stray off the path from time to time. We offer everything from comprehensive, customized six-week eating plans to simple guides that will simply help you make better decisions.

Our nutrition plans – especially when combined with one of our exercise programs – have not only helped our clients shed pounds, but have even enabled some to decrease or eliminate medications – most notably when it comes to blood pressure issues and Type 2 diabetes.